ECS Ltd., designs and manufactures thermoplastic injection molds, with a specialized area suitable to design with first-class software, where it is decided, from the source to the end of a work flow at the highest level.

The company is equipped with the best equipment in the industry, for achieve any form, building up over time, a well-established sense collaboratively with a range of international companies that raise a range of production from the automotive sector,

from plant for the textile industry and hospital,  to components for household appliances and household goods, in other words, where you need a reliable partner professional and serious, ECS has always offered with extreme

success, today it boasts of a core business-oriented:

  •      Injection mold design temoplastici
  •      thermoplastic injection mold construction
  •      milling machining
  •      EDM machining 4 axis CNC
  •      wire electrical discharge machining 4 axis CNC

Although young, enjoys the sale of its products to companies collaborating with the biggest brands in Italy and abroad, direct suppliers of: FIAT GROUP – THE VOLKSWAGEN GROUP – WHIRLPOOL – B-Ticino, hallmarks of a stable company, professional and cutting-edge, ready at every opportunity to extend its business plan only to improve more and more and stand out among the best.